Create, mutate, and invent your own cellular automata rules! There are about 262,144 possible rules (including Conway's Game of Life). Left click to add cells, right click to remove cells. The options are:

  • pen size - Size in pixels of the draw circle
  • scale - Integer by which to scale the simulation surface
  • pause - Pause the simulation (you won't be able to draw while paused, this is a limitation not a bug)
  • step - Pause and increment the simulation by one step
  • preset - Choose a preset rule (comment with a rule if you found an interesting one, and I might add it to the presets list!)
  • random rule - Create a completely random rule (this probably won't give you too many interesting results)
  • custom rule - Input a rule manually (must follow the pattern in the input box)
  • mutate rule - Mutate the current rule by flipping a single bit (see my blog post for an explanation on what this means)
  • clear - Clears the simulation surface
  • germinate from center - Clear and place a single "on" cell in the center of the surface
  • fill randomly - Randomly place "on" cells on the surface

The current rule is displayed in binary form in the bottom left corner. Feel free to comment with interesting rules you found, with names, and I might add them to the presets! 

For an in-depth explanation for how these rules are specified by a string of bits, and other details, check out my blog post.

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