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Erth is a large 2D Sandbox RPG Exploration Top-Down Turn-Based Adventure game where you explore an infinite world socializing, exploring, fighting, mining and building! The game features a fully-fledged crafting and inventory system with over 600 items, along with over 400 crafts! The world is split into 64x64 areas that you can explore an unlimited number of! There are also tons of enemies, biomes, materials, and more!



  • Infinite, randomly generated world.
  • Hundreds of items and objects.
  • NPCs, enemies, creatures.
  • Colored lighting system.
  • Crafting.
  • A gigantic interactive guidebook to help you on your way.
  • Treasure!
  • Armor, trinkets, and other equips.
  • Discover craftnotes underground and discover new crafting recipes.
  • Magic, spellcasting and mana.
  • Dynamic time/update system.
  • Explore caves and dungeons that spawn in all directions,
  • ..and More!


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Erth 5.4.1 55 MB


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I have a few enchanted leather backpacks and for some reason all of them seem to be merged so I only get the storage space of one of then, is there any way to de-equip bags so I can try de-equipping and re-equipping them to see if that helps or do you know how to fix the issue

never mind, the issue went away and also the items i put in doubled which is nice

what does the active time dial do?

is there a way to de-equip bags/backpacks

is there a wiki for this game?


is this game getting updates now? Because if so, would it be possible to add an option to double the size of the window in options? The window is a bit small and hard for me to see and zooming in with computer settings causes an error and you have to abort the game.

you can fullscreen the game with F5


thank you for the help, it works perfectly

hi uh i want to play this game but every time i try to get in its justa  a error page containing a error message like the one below please tell me how to fix this


I was getting into it when suddenly:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object Init:

Error directory does not exist when opening ini file - C:\WINDOWS\system32\Save\global.ini

and now it shows a bunch of error messages upon startup

please fix!

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How to craft items?

I like to see an option to customize to keybinds (controls)?

I like to see adding jumping ability for the player

I want the option to change the window's size

You can craft items by moving them into the tall slot to the right of your inventory. No new features will be added to this game, sorry.

I'm going to paste an autohotkey script as soon as I figure out what's what. 

I'll post it here and in its own post.

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Here's a basic script to swap movement keys. I'm not in a mood to further fiddle around with it, might add some tweaks/updates. However, this is just a baseline, tweak it to your liking. :-)

#IfWinActive Erth.exe


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Hey, so I've encountered a few issues. Some have been mentioned before-- chests in dungeons can't be opened, only destroyed. I'm also having this happen sometimes with loot bags---- including, unfortunately, the ones that have all my gear when i respawn, after a tie or win against the devil.

Other than that, the most common thing i'm encountering is crafting/creation errors. I have the ingredients and workplaces for items, then am unable to build them. I have never been able to learn spells from the spell pages, despite having a wand and spellbook equipt. I'm not able to make Divine strings or whatever they're called, which is literally just clouds and either: string, or spider silk (I tried both). I'm also getting deeper into the mines and here's my biggest issue--- I could play without any magic items working (as I have been), but to get the more precious metals, you need a hard enough tool. I have iron, copper, titanium... the list goes on. But the highest level metal tools I am able to craft are made of tin. What's up with that? 

Can anybody help me?

(P.S. I have a Crafting Book, Magnifying Glass, and Study Book, so it's not like I'm not trying to up my research stats, if that's a factor in what I can craft. I have 240+ recipes)


Nice idea but geesh, way too complicated, a wall for building a pickaxe? really? And the crafting book is not well made. I have no clue what to search for. Crafting in general is not intuitive.

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cant open most sacks, esepcialy in combined structure/towns i could open the first bag but then was ganged up on and died, i cant open my death sack (nothing happens when pressing w a s d from any angle). also you dont drop armor on death?

when dieing death sacks are cut doiwn in size so you leave some items behind not all, also most death sacks cant be opened, making it impossible to re-obtain any items.


For me it was unplayable due to different errors and crashes, couldn't get past 5 minutes of playtime.

One of the erros was when trying to create the very first world:


action number 6
of  Step Event
for object Control:

File is not opened for reading.".

I tried ignoring it, the game crashed.

2nd try: Got to create a world succesfully, but when trying to access any of the guides, the game crashes and I have to reload.

Make sure you are running it out of a user directory, like in Downloads or Documents. If that doesn't work, try running it with admin privileges.

No luck, sadly.  Earlier it was indeed on the downloads folder, but now I unpacked it to a folder directly on main C drive. 

The first screenshot is without admin privileges, and the second one with admin privileges, it didnt seem to make any difference.

I'm on x64, Windows 8, if that helps.

oof yeah windows 8... try compatibility mode? can't really help beyond that, windows 8 is a terrible operating system, good luck

Okay, so I am extremely confused about 90% of the crafting system. I don't know how to make a jeweler[found one in a random wizard house], I don't know how to make a mana jewel, when I hit U on items to look at what they craft into, 90% of the time it just shows items I've either already made, or are the starting stuff. The game doesn't even show you the BOW RECIPE, using sticks and string, UNTIL YOU MAKE IT! Studying is literally worthless. I thought it would at the least show items that it crafts into. Nope. Just shows value and all the base stats the player ALREADY KNOWS. There is no way to know what things are without breaking them. I died to lava one time because there was just nothing telling me it WAS LAVA! Honetly the game is too minimalistic and explains absolutely nothing to the player about what the items they have even do

Another issue the game has: you can only open chests that you, the player, have placed. This makes dungeons USELESS except to kill golems for spells. Oh and that's another issue. If you accidentally shoot a chest that you placed with a fireball? It permanently deletes EVERYTHING in the chest. The game is completely chance based, extremely unfair, and ridiculously difficult for no apparent reason other than "Haha, you ded lol git good skrub"


yeah that's a totally fair critique and i agree with 100% of what you've written

im sorry you had a bad experience, i really have no excuses

Okay, so I found a recipe page for the Crafting tome, and that makes the game INSANELY easier and more balanced. I'd honestly suggest having that recipe be automatic[also, there should be something that prevents duplicate recipes from base unlocked ones]. And for people who are looking into this game, to make the crafting book, you take a Study Book[8 paper+2 treated leather], 20 paper, and I believe 8 more treated leather. Then, based on level, you can simply right click items and learn connected recipes. It won't always work[dunno why, cause I have material items, and have the level, but it just refuses to work on random items]. Also, a tip to people: HUNT DOWN BAGS AND LOOT THEM!!!!! They can contain EXTREMELY strong and useful items, such as a very powerful pickaxe, good weapons, armor, rare ingredients, etc. They spawn randomly in villages and other areas. Also, best way to find Iron is slime spawners. They are completely random, but they will always have a single iron ore directly up and to the left of the spawner. Also, spider spawners are useful for gathering spidersilk, which is good for bowcarfting

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Another helpful tip-- if you dig through enough of the mines, treasure and items get dug up. Spend enough time doing this and you'll indubitably find a map. This gives you a top-down look at each 'room' you're in. Normally $500 from an NPC or $1000 if you find a magical one.

Oh I know. I managed to get lucky wandering on the surface to find a wizard NPC selling both a magic wand and a return jewel. made a book, got mana, and bam. had a wonderful time. started doing dungeon dives after I managed to find an opal rapier[stupidly good weapon btw early game], and after that, well, I managed to find an npc selling an Omnibench 5000. Farmed up money, bought it, and then went demon hunting in dungeons to make demon metal equips[it is STUPIDLY easy to do that btw, like seriously!]. Before I stopped playing, I had started simply wandering aimlessly on the surface, opening map every tile hoping to find more blood crystals in order to make the highest tier drill. already got every spell, max mana, but I can't cast the higher tier time skips, they just crash. Oh, I also got enough shop price lowering acc's to make it so I can infinitely loop for infinite money

dumb question but is there a way to turn off/down the sound effects? it's really loud on my computer and drowns out anything else I try to play in the background


I ended up going into sound settings on my computer and just turning down the whole app. which worked just fine! Just a shame the SFX don't have sound adjustments in the game

Cool game! a bit rough around the edges but pretty fun

Hey, I got this error, not sure if it means anything to you or if it's BAD or safe to ignore or not.

action number 8
of  Step Event
for object Control:

Trying to use non-existing surface.

if im gonna be totally honest i have no idea. ignore it and see what happens! i take no responsibility for the safety of your save file, though.

Is there a way to see a zoomed out version of the map?

im pretty sure there is a map item you can find

Ah, thank you, alright! 

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How exactly do you craft an Axe? I can't craft it with wood nor stone... 

You need four wood wall / cobblestone wall to make an axe.

Is there any way to move your spawn position? It's a pain to keep walking to the house I made.
Also, how exactly do you make a bottle? I assume I need sand, but that's not been easy to find.

im actually not sure, but there might be an item that can teleport you home. for sand, explore a bunch and you'll find a desert area eventually. Good luck!

Is there any possibility that a linux version will come out?

probably not, sorry!

How do I pick up objects that I've placed down already? Doesn't seem to be possible to pick them back up...

Also, I'm not finding any crafts to make tools...I've got sticks, logs, and a workbench, but no tool recipes are available.

You need to make wooden walls to make wooden tools. Very intuitive, I know :)

You should be able to break placed items like the workbench with a hammer.

Thanks for the reply about my issues. I'm back to playing, again! Really a great game you've got fleshed out here. A few improvements to the control/crafting explanations and this will be even better. Have a good one, Benjamin.

dumb question, but what to the 'bushes' I'm supposed to hit for sticks look like? I never found any

Definitely not a stupid question! These are bushes:

You have to leave the starting village to break them.


thanks! it looks like you have to hold the wasd  button down to attack them, pressing it repeatedly doesn't work. If the sound is off it's not clear anything is happening

Just tried to run the game. When I tried to shut it down my mouse cursor disappeared and the game's music kept playing but game screen was gone. After holding down C/A/D for a few seconds I was able to bring up task manager and a High Level Norton Alert had apparently caught a high level virus from the game and uninstalled the file. The virus looked to have the word "hijack" in it's name. Seems a little sketchy. I've occasionally had games from itch be flagged for trying to access input.inf, but nothing where the computer froze up and Norton giving me a high level virus alert. Any idea what would cause it? The game looks like something right up my alley but what happened has left me a bit concerned. Thanks.


Antivirus software, especially when not bundled with your operating system (such as Windows Defender) is notorious for false positives. If you want some assurance that my game isn't a virus, the fact that there are other commenters here, who have apparently enjoyed the game, can probably give you some indication that the game is not, in fact, a virus. If you want more proof than that, I'm afraid I can't help you. Honestly, these days, having extra anti virus software on Windows isn't worth it. Windows Defender does a good enough job. Just my opinion, though.

Please, make android version.

The game keeps crashing on me. The game errors log reads: 

action number 16
of  Step Event
for object Control:

Error in code at line 3:
if biome_lighting[area_biome]="normal" then light_daynight()
at position 32: Cannot compare arguments.

action number 16
of  Step Event
for object Control:

Error in code at line 3:
if biome_lighting[area_biome]="normal" then light_daynight()
at position 32: Cannot compare arguments.

does that happen all the time or just for one world save?

It happens all the time. I even re-downloaded it and had the same problem on the new download. Thanks for responding! Also, how do you make the game full screen? Alt+Enter doesn't work and there doesn't seem to be an option for full screen. Thanks!

F11 I believe

It's actually F5. But, its great to have it in full-screen! How do I break down bushes into sticks? I can sort of read the Guide if I go into the Save file and peruse guide.ini However, I've tried interacting with bushes and trees with everything I can think of and I don't get any sticks. Thanks!

did you leave the starting village?

Sorry, I should also add that the crash only happens after I open the guide by hitting 'C'. If I select any topic in the guide it crashes. I can open and close the guide fine. But, when I click on a topic in the guide, it crashes.


How would I put the game in fullscreen? thanks


Hitting F5 worked for me.

I guess you lost the letter :d
Btw, game is looking realy nice, good job


Really obscure and underated game, good work.

Thanks for the comment, Wheat Thins!