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Demon Island is an in-development multiplayer procedurally generated adventure game with an emphasis on exploration, NPC interaction, and fast-paced combat. It's not quite ready to play yet, but you can keep up with it's development by following me! Expect semi-frequent devlogs and other content.

For the curious: it's written from scratch in C++ using SFML for networking, sounds, and graphics. Currently the project is about 12,000 lines of code!


  • 🗹 Functional multiplayer that works smoothly over the Internet
  • 🗹 Procedural generation system
  • 🗹 Zones such as interiors of houses
  • 🗹 Basic combat system
  • 🗹 Basic inventory and equip system
  • NPCs
  • ☐ Procedural dungeons

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como que a baixa o jogo

sorry, but it wont be available to play for a while. still a work in progress!


I've been playing erth recently (so fun), so I can't wait until this comes out!


looks good


Can't wait! Erth was good and this is it's successor!

thanks dude!!

I dont know why but this brought me back to my highschool days when we had a "make game" project. Suddenly got the itch to try it out again but its actually been like 22 years hahaha. Looking at your game screenshots gave me that itch to want to create again but unfortunately I have the attention span of a 2 year old.

In case I ever do want to jump back onto the bandwagon, can you recommend what program to start with these days? I used visual basic and C+ back in the day but its been eons (in terms of programming language) and likely a lot is different.

Maybe something like gamemaker (as u said in Erth, its what you used when you were 15) so maybe something I should start with.

All the same, thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to your project release. 

thanks for the kind comments!! im glad my little project gave you some inspiration. as for starting out making games, i think one of the best places to start out nowadays is Godot. its a free and open source game engine with its own scripting language and editor. its pretty accessible and there are a good few resources on getting started. u can really get up and going with it fast. it has some quirks but overall i think its really great, check it out if u get a chance!


I'm hyped o.o when is the game gonna be released? (curious * - * )

It’ll probably be at least a year before a playable first build (I work on this game as a hobby :) )


nice :3 alright i'll (impatiently) wait for the game XD!!


I'm hyped!


can't wait (i can take your time) for this. i've been watching it slowly come together and think it will definitely be fun to play